A must read for all MICA aspirants !

A must read for all MICA aspirants !

Date : 09-04-2017      By   Sukruti Iyer, MICA Batch 2017-19 (Our CAT 2016 student)      

 How to crack MICAT and the GE(Group Excercise) & PI(Personal Interview) rounds?

MICAT as opposed to other to exams is very different in terms of its selection process since it tests your time management, intelligence and creativity simultaneously.  MICAT is conducted twice and clearing the cut off in either of them will get you through. Unlike any other exam MICAT has 3 sections which are timed variedly.

First segment is the Divergent thinking ability and the time allotted to this section is 35 minutes. I was expected to write three arguments each both for and against the topic “Should public opinion be invited by the policy makers”?  Your thoughts should be precise and clear as to what ideas you want to put in the both for or against the motion and which motion will you stick to while summarising your thoughts in 300 words. In the next part I had to form a story using the 4 picture that were given and the story should follow the order in which you chose to form the sequence of the picture. My pictures were summer season, winter season, tides and a women and a girl playing together. You can decide the sequence of the picture based on your ability to spin a story around it in a logical manner in 300 words.

 The next segment is the Psychometric test; this section is a qualifier so it is important to attempt each and every question in a span of 30 minutes. Believe it when they say that there are no right or wrong answers. The questions were based on your views and personality. Example- rate the given qualitieswhich describe you the most in the order of preference.

The last segment includes- quantitative aptitude and data interpretation (combined) verbal ability, logical reasoning and general knowledge. Switching between sections in the given amount of time was permitted. Also, one had to clear the sectional cut off along with the overall cut off to clear the MICAT exam in totality. 

The process of selection for GE & PI involves first clearing the Psychometric test, then the aptitude segment and then Divergent thinking ability segment.

The Group exercise round was one of kind wherein our group of 8 candidates was given a task to come up with the idea of a beverage that can be sold in the local markets. We were supposed to design the visual of the product, give a tagline and also device a marketing strategy for the same.

The PI round was a mixed bag as the questions ranged from tell me something about yourself which is not mentioned on the form, to what according to you are the 3 major problems faced by women in India, how will you sell Bhopal to Mumbaikars, and some marketing concepts and finally why mica and where do you see yourself after completing the course. Also, since I had written one of my co-curricular qualifications as music I was made to sing. So be prepared to justify what you have written on the form.

My recommendation would be - do a thorough research on Mica- its history, the curriculum and specializations offered, notable alumni, the student committees and be well versed about the city and state that you come from and also your academic background.  Overall, your convincing skills, creativity and most importantly a strong research will help you crack MICA. 


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